Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fueling The Body During an Ironman Pt 1

They say that an elite Olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps puts down 12,000 calories per day during his peak training. I won’t be putting down quite as many calories during the Arizona Ironman but I’m targeting putting down just over 6,500 calories during the race to ensure the body has enough nutrition and stays properly hydrated to get me through the day. The nutrition plan is a culmination of training throughout the summer and figuring out what works well and is easy. It really hit me how important nutrition is for longer distance races (Olympic-distance and greater) when I collapsed at the finish line at the Philadelphia Triathlon back in June due to severe dehydration/electrolyte deficiency. That experience was the catalyst of paying closer attention to nutrition and starting to develop a plan. You can put countless hours in training but without a nutrition plan, you are handicapping your ability to perform at your peak. For Pt1, I wanted to share my targeted nutrition plan for the Ironman race. I will follow-up with a Pt2 with what actually happened during the race, how I felt, and things I would change for the next Ironman.
Breakfast/Pre-Race (1040 calories/206 grams carbs/2006 mg electrolytes)
Two Hammer Nutrition Almond Raisin Bars: 440 calories/50 grams carbs/36 mg electrolytes
32oz Gatorade: 200 calories/56 grams carbs/560 mg electrolytes
1 Flask EFS Liquid Shot: 400 calories/100 g carbs/1410 mg electrolytes
Right Before Swim
200mg caffeine pill
Finish off 32oz Gatorade
Random Sips of Tempe Town Lake Water (? calories/? carbs/? electrolytes)
Transition 1 (280 calories/38 grams of carbs/839 mg electrolytes)
Zico Coconut Water (60 calories/13 grams carbs/821 mg electrolytes)
1 Hammer Nutrition Almond Raisin Bar (220 calories/25 grams carbs/18 mg electrolytes)
Stay Alert Caffeine Gum
Bike (Total: 3100 calories/709 grams carbs/9,098 electrolytes)
Hydration: 40 oz of Lime Accelerade (sipped every 15 minutes): 480 calories/84 g carbs/620 mg electrolytes
Nutrition: Two 24oz water bottles with 3 Flasks of EFS Liquid Shot in each diluted with water (sipped every 20 minutes) 2,400 calories/600 grams carbs/8,460 mg electrolytes
One Hammer Nutrition Almond Raisin Bar (at 3:00 hrs) 220 calories/25 grams carbs/18 mg electrolytes
One Stay Alert Caffeine Gum every 2 hours
Transition 2 (160 calories/37 grams carbs/941 mg electrolytes/50 mg caffeine)
1 Zico Coconut Water (60 calories/13 grams carbs/821 mg electrolytes)
Jelly Belly Sport Bean Packet (100 calories/24 grams carbs/120 mg electrolytes/50 mg caffeine)
Run (2,018 Calories/496 carbs/7557 mg electrolytes)
Hydration: One 50 oz Camelback Fairfax (sipped every 15 minutes) with 2 Nuun Hydration Tablets/water: 18 calories/0 carbs/1,437 mg electrolytes)
Nutrition: 4 EFS Liquid Shot Flasks (sipped every 20 minutes): 1600 calories/400 grams carbs/5,640 mg electrolytes
Jelly Belly Sport Beans (1 pack per hour): 400 calories/96 carbs/480 mg electrolytes/200 mg caffeine
Total for the Day: 6598 calories/1486 grams carbs/20,441 mg electrolytes)

Individual Stats
Accelerade: (Per scoop per 12oz water): 120 calories/21 g carbs/155 mg electrolytes
EFS Liquid Shot Vanilla (Per flask): 400 calories/100 g carbs/1410 mg electrolytes
Nuun Hydration Tablet (one tablet w/ 16oz water): 6 calories/ 0 carbs/479 mg electrolytes
Jelly Belly Sport Beans (per packet): 100 calories/24 g carbs/120mg electrolytes 50 mg caffeine
Hammer Nutrition Almond Raisin Bar (per bar): 220 calories/25 g carbs/18mg electrolytes
Stay Alert gum: 100 mg caffeine per piece

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