Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spending Time at the Annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

I like to consider myself the adventurous type and always willing to check out/try new things for the experience of it. Back in early February, I was in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Coincidentally, the Adult Entertainment Expo was also going on. I was debating if it was worth the $80 to check out but the curiosity inside me won out and I went.
Have you ever wondered what goes on at a porn convention? Here’s my first (and probably last) view of the things you will see. All PG-13 suitable.

Apparently it was a down year for the Porn industry and in talking to people who went previous years, this year’s convention was smaller than usual but it was still pretty huge.

Tons and tons of fetish booths. The two above were some of the more stranger ones.

Back in the day, I always told my guy friends that having nice sheets was important in a bachelor pad. The Porn Convention also agrees from a “work” perspective.

It wouldn’t be a porn convention without cheesy movie parodies!

The Pink Cross, because working in the porn industry has its risks too if you know what I mean.

This booth seemed out of place except for the female manning the booth.

Obviously, there were a bunch of porn stars in attendance for autograph sessions. Some of the lines was upward of an hour to get an autograph and take a picture with the actress. I am definitely out of the loop on who the current popular porn stars are. The only two I know are Sasha Gray and Jenna Jamison.

Contrary to popular belief, there were females in attendance. I’d say about 3 to 1 ratio male to female

It wouldn’t be a porn convention without cult-superstar Ron Jeremy!

Everyone is a comedian. . . .

Finally, attending the porn convention can be long and tiring day. . .


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