Friday, October 14, 2011

Ideal Sleep, Drunk Sleep, and Fatigued Sleep as Graphed By The Zeo Sleep Machine

I’ve been using the Zeo Sleep Monitor for close to a year now and have not been doing as much analysis as I would like with this kind of data other than seeing how my nightly sleep scores compare to the average for my age group demographic (for those interested the 30 – 40 age group average is 80). For a little more detail on this, you can check out an earlier post in which I compared my average sleep to the national average. While sifting through the daily reports, I remembered asking myself what exactly does different types of sleep look like. What does an ideal night of sleep look like? Is drunk sleep really sleep? How well do you sleep after a workout that really zaps you? Well, due to some diligent tracking, I’m able to shed a little bit of light to those questions through some very un-scientific data gathering leveraging the Zeo Sleep Monitor.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Head to Head Hydration Tablet Fizz-Off: Nuun vs Hammer Nutrition vs GU


It seems like hydration tablets have really taken off over the past couple of years as a convenient way to refresh on electrolytes without the added calories/sugars. Hydration tablets are basically an effervescent similar to an Alka Seltzer where you drop the tab into water and it quickly dissolve into a drink. They are usually lightly flavored and loaded with electrolytes that are absorbed quickly. Outside of being a low calorie electrolyte replenishment source, the tabs come in a small tube that is ultra portable and easier than lugging bottles of other sports drinks around. Many of the major nutrition vendors like GU, Hammer Nutrition, and Nuun have a hydration tablet product but which one is the best of the bunch? Let’s find out!