Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Review - February 13 to February 19, 2012

This week was another volume week with primary focus on increasing weekly mileage on the run, jumping from 20 miles to 26 miles. I think my body handled the increase fine but I probably didn't give enough time for recovery and had to make adjustments on Saturday. On the bike, I think I'm making great strides getting bike fitness back after taking nearly 3 months off. Current FTP is 238 watts but I think that will jump after this week's test. On the swim, I'm getting more comfortable with the longer main sets which will be critical as I head into the meat of training to swim 2.4 miles proficiently. Injury-wise, the body feels pretty good. The only lingering "condition" I'm still dealing with is the plantar fasciitis that flared up for most of my races in the fall last season. The PF hasn't affected any of my workouts but the first few steps out of bed in the morning are fairly sensitive but sleeping with the Boot/Strassburg sock has helped along with rolling out the calves pre/post run to keep the muscles pliable. Overall, no complaints with this week and looking forward to a "rest week" this coming week which means less volume but more strength workouts and benchmark tests for the swim/bike/run to figure out new pacing.

Total Time: 10hrs 51min
Swim: 5599 yds/.2 hr 12 min
tBike: 50.20 miles/ 3hr 02min
Run: 3:40/ 3hr 49min
Strength: 1hr 55min

Rest Day

Swim  - Hit 2400yds with the mainset being 14 x 100yd repeats on 2:15. Nailed this workout and will probably bump up to 16 x 100 after this rest week
Bike - 3x3m ILT + 10x30sec Form Sprints+ 3x2m ILT+ 2x6min Spin Ups @ sweet spot. Nailed this workout as well.

Run - I've been running 4-5 miles on a treadmill but really needed to increase volume and start running outside again. This workout was basically 30 minutes out and back with the goal of running a negative split. Averaged 7:57min/mile pace for first 30 and 7:35min/mile pace on the way back. Ended up hitting 7.5 miles
Strength - Ran through the Tri Ripped strength workout which was various lifts on machines that hit all the body parts

Bike - 4x8min intervals @ 88-94% (Sweet Spot) with 5-second Anaerobic Capacity (AC) sprints at 150-180%. 4-minute recoveries between. I'm still not great at maintaining power when have to quickly switch between a sprint and steady effort but its good to know what weaknesses I need to work on before race season starts
Run - Easy 2-mile recovery run on the treadmill before core workout
Core Workout - Planks, crunches, bicycles, cable torso twist, knees to elbows, bosu ball hip press
Swim - Opted for a light swim just to get some water time. 200 WU, 2 x 400yd fs w/ pool buoy, 200 CD

Run - Forgot to mention, before all my runs, I do this standard warm-up routine I found from I highly recommend this over traditional static stretching. Easy Z2 run. Steady pace first 30min, then controlled 30 sec Z4 sprint every 5 min on the way back. Northlane Hill got me pretty good again on the way back. Stick routine cool down
Strength - Another round of Machine Strength routine from Tri Ripped

Bike - 6x8min intervals in 95-99%FT range w/ 4min rest. Had to cut this one down short to only 4 intervals. Pounded my legs pretty good through the week and my resting HR when I woke up was 5 beats higher than normal which indicated I wasn't fully recovered enough. Workout started fine but power dropped pretty significantly on 4th interval. Too early in the season to be a hero so I made the decision to cut the bike short and just take it easy the rest of the day

Run - Easy 10-miler on Wissahickon Trail. Pacing felt great, not too slow, not too fast...just easy distance. Target was between 8:30 - 8:45min/mile pace and ended up hitting 8:33 so pleased with this effort. I'm trying to rotate doing my long runs on the trail and pavement to try to keep my legs fresh. I think it was the right decision to add more rest Saturday so that I could have a solid run on Sunday.
Swim - Decided to drop sometime in the pool right after the run to make up for not getting it in on Saturday. It was a "free swim" effort meaning no structured workout, just a mix of drills and various repeats.

Since I re-focused on diet at the beginning of this month, I've been doing well getting back to race weight. I dropped 1.8lbs from 177.7 to 175.9 from last week, down about 4 lbs so far this month. I'll also take this with a grain of salt because its not real exact with a scale but body fat dropped from 9.6% to 9.1%.

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