Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Review - February 20 to February 26, 2012

My plan for this year is to go 3 weeks on then 1 week of rest to avoid burnout/injury so this past week was recovery week 1. I still hit close to 8 hours of working out which is respectable. I managed to hit the goal of 4 runs/3 bikes/2 swims/2 strength workouts but as you can see, the volume on the most part dropped off pretty significantly from last week. I did manage to get three regular bikes in because they don't wreck my body as much and did a full distance long run on Sunday because I was feeling pretty good. Although I got two swims in, they were pretty pathetic distances. For the next rest week, I'll make more of an effort to get at least 1600 yds in.

I was targeting to do time trials for bike/swim/run but ended up only being able to do the bike test which went exceptionally well. I screwed myself doing a pretty quick but hard leg workout on Tuesday after the FTP test that kept my hamstrings pretty sore through the entire week so a run test would not have been as accurate. I'll probably try to do it this week as part of my workout run for Wednesday.

Injury-wise, I still feel the plantar fasciitis on some days but the major thing is it hasn't affected any of my workouts, even the long runs where it usually creeps up. I think the combination of a dynamic stretching routine and using The Stick prior to runs has really kept my muscles/ligaments limber for the workouts.

In terms of weight, another week of improvement. I've been using Monday mornings as my "check-in" for stats. Dropped another pound going from 175.9lbs to 174.8lbs and body fat dropped from 9.1% to 8.7%. If I can hit 8.5% before I hit up Vegas next week, that will be awesome. Although there weren't as many "intense" workouts last week, I ate pretty cleanly. The only diet "misses" was Tuesday when I had a work lunch with a customer and ordered the Chicken Marsala at Olive Garden (subbed out mashed potatoes for steam broccoli, no pasta) and on Sunday prior to the long run where I had a hotdog with pulled pork and a bag of potato chips.

Overall, I feel pretty rested today. This should be a great week of workouts coming up.

Total Time: 7hrs 50min
Total Distance: 76.94 miles
Swim: 1900yds/47min
Bike: 56.86miles/3hr 10min
Run: 19 miles/2 hr 41min
Strength: 1hr 12min


Bike - FTP test with TrainerRoad program. For the hell of it, I drank a cup of beet juice prior because it supposedly is good for you ( Went out a little too hard on the first 8-min interval but settled in and then used that effort to guide the second 8-min interval. Went "beast mode" last minute to blow it out. Couldn't be more pleased with the effort as FTP went up fr
om 238 watts to 276 watts through 6 wks of consistent bike training.
Run - Easy 3 mile treadmill run recovery run in the afternoon at 7.0mph.
Strength - Went through some leg strengthening exercises: Leg Machine Press, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Dumbbell Deadlift

Swim - Woke up later then I wanted to so I did a quick 1100yd swim before work.
Run - Another easy 3 miles on the treadmill during lunch

Bike - Workouts are going to really start to kick my ass going from a baseline FTP of 238 to 276 watts. First workout at the new FTP was Lamarck, which is 4x10min @ FTP w/ 2min rest between. Wanted to keep workouts under 45 min this week so I cut to just 2x10min. Overall felt good, was able to stick around FTP. Challenged but not overwhelming.

Strength - Just an upper body lift since legs were feeling sapped from two hard bike sessions earlier this week and leg strengthening. Incline Bench Press Machine, Chin Ups, Shoulder Press Machine, Bicep Curls, Pec Fly Machine, Dumbbell Shoulder Circles, Dips, and weighted row machine.

Bike - First full workout at the new FTP. 5x9min intervals spent slightly above or slightly below FTP (1 minute unders, 2 minute overs). 6 minute rest between intervals. First time doing a full TrainerRoad workout at the new FTP ranges. A bit intimidating at first but a lot of it is mentally accepting that there will be challenges getting acclimated to the new intensity level. Really had to HTFU on the last interval but happy I willed myself through the entire workout instead of telling myself to cut it short

Run - Easy 10-miler to stay consistent with the long runs. Averaged 8:22min/mile. Pace was a bit faster than last week which was expected since this one was mostly on pavement. Felt great and will probably bump to 12 miles next week.

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