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Weekly Review - February 6 to February 12, 2012

Over the past few weeks, I've been getting emails/questions on what it is like to train for an Ironman. Many of them are along the lines of what am I doing, how much of it, how are the workouts spread out, etc. I think its great that there is such interest as folks look to plan their races and goals for 2012. One of the things you can't train is experience but at least it is something easily shared. I've made it a point to track all of my workouts on which is a great website to log workouts and stay motivated while you are training. I'll also try to put out a weekly re-cap and provide some insight into my training, how I'm feeling, tips and such so that you maybe able to leverage some of what I'm doing into your own training. In a selfish way, putting my workouts online will also hold me more accountable toward hitting the workouts and not slacking off.

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February has been a good month building base volume. The first week in February I hit 7 hours and 28 minutes of working out. Among this, I hit 8 key workouts (key workouts being either Swim, Bike, or Run) which worked out to 2 pool workouts (3200 yds), 3 bikes (59.5 miles), and 3 runs (16 miles). Unfortunately, I only had one supplemental workout which was the 5K Row I did at 2:30am before heading out to Wing Bowl. This was actually a good week considering that Friday was Wing Bowl and we were partying in Atlantic City all through Saturday Night into Sunday morning.

This past week is about what normal training will look like for the next couple of months. The goal is to hit 4 runs, 3 bikes, 2 swims, and 2 supplemental workouts (strength/row/crosstrain) each week.

Rest Day

Bike - TrainerRoad Workout, Carillon: 2 sets of 2x10min SweetSpot CrissCross intervals where 1min surges are spend out-of-the-saddle. 1RBI/5RBS. 10 pullups before and 30 more pullups afterwards

Swim - 2000 yd swim. Main set was 10x100yd repeats. Was looking to do 12 but I ran out of time
Run - 5 mile run. Main set was a 25 minute tempo run but I could only do 2 x10 minute runs at my T pace. Not sure if I was too aggressive on my target time or if I was still beat up from a hard weekend of partying.

Run - Easy 2 miler on the Treadmill on 7.0mph/8:30ish pace
Strength - Primarily Chest and Back
Bike - TrainerRoad Workout, Tallac: Did the bike ride at night since Carly is using the trainer tomorrow AM. 3 long-duration, Sweet Spot intervals each lasting 15 minutes with short, 3-minute recoveries between each.

Run - 5 mile run. Attempted to do the 25 minute tempo run again and again could only do 2 x 10' at T pace. I think my "fast pace" endurance isn't built up enough yet but I'm determined to be able to get past this workout and try it again this week.

Bike - TrainerRoad Workout, Clark: Mainset was 6x8min Sweet Spot efforts directly preceded with 12s big-gear stomps; 2 minutes rest between intervals. Saturday rides are the long one for the week, this one being 90 minutes. It was pretty hard hitting the power targets switching between the regular gear/big gears but a great workout.
Swim - 2200yds. Mainset was seeing how fast (or slow) I could do 1600 yd in. Good news is that I broke 30 minutes for the first time, 29:20. I'm going to have to get it down to 28:00 to have a competitive 1.2 mile swim.
Strength - Quick circuit after the swim consisting of 4 rds: Cable Chest Press, Cable Straight Arm Pulldown,  Dumbbell side raises, Bicep curls, and Water Ski Rows.

Run - Didn't get this going until 5pm because I was tried/hung over from a Saturday night at the bars. I wanted to mix up the terrain I was running on and chose to run on the Wissahickon Trail. I wish I would've checked it out beforehand because it was icy as hell. Probably not the best decision to do a long run on ice but I made it through fine. The goal of this run was easy pace around 8:30min/mile average and hitting 8 miles. Ended  up averaging 8:31 which was perfect considering the icy conditions.

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