Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Review - February 27 to March 4, 2012

I had a recovery week last week so going into this week, everything felt refreshed, both physically and mentally. This was the first full week training at a higher FTP level on the bike alongside of more difficult bike workouts via the TrainerRoad program but I manged through it fine. I'm really happy with my progress on the bike trainer during the off season and can't wait to get to see how it translates on outside road speed. For the run, I've been slow increasing volume with the goal of hitting 4 runs a week. I hit 31 miles this week which is a pretty good number at this point of the year. I'll probably start dipping into the mid-30's in about a couple of weeks. On the swim, I feel I've slacked off this week. I'm hitting two swims a week which is good for consistency but need to get at least 2500 yds to get any better. It will be a stretch hitting it this week since I leave for Vegas for a weekend away on Wednesday night. It will be interesting to see how this trip affects my fitness overall.

Injury-wise, nothing to really complain about. I'm still feeling occasional soreness/weakness in my foot from the Plantar Fasciitis. It is basically just managing it at this point with lots of stretching, The Stick, and TriggerPoint to keep the ligaments/muscles pliable. I easily hit 12 miles on my long run without having to add time to my pace and no foot issues came up which is great. I think I've hit a sweet spot with the trilogy of The Stick/Triggerpoint/Dynamic Stretching routines in keeping me injury-free so far.

In terms of weight/body metrics, I dropped another .6 pounds this week and the body fat % went down slightly to 8.6% which is an all-time low for me. I'm probably starting to plateau in terms of weight but I have a feeling it will spike upwards after a weekend in Vegas. Another stat I've been keeping track of is morning resting pulse. It has been holding pretty steady around 51bpm so although I ramped up volume this past week, I'm not quite overdoing it.

Total Time: 11hrs 9min
Total Distance: 95.4 miles
Swim: 4200yds/1hr 55min
Bike: 62miles/3hr 33min
Run: 31 miles/4 hr 21min
Strength: 1hr 20min

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