Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Review: March 12 to March 18, 2012

I really had no expectations for the past week due to the travel schedule. I arrived back from Vegas last Sunday night, was in Philly for a day on Monday, then headed back out to Seattle on Tuesday and stayed there until Friday morning for my flight back home. With all the travel, time limitations, equipment limitations, and overall wear & tear on the body from lack of sleep, The week ended up more respectable than I had originally thought.

I started off the week again on Monday instead of the usual rest day and did a swim workout. The more I think about it and reading feedback from other athlete's training schedules, I may start doing light, recovery type workouts on Mondays rather than taking the entire day completely off so that rest/recovery day doesn't mean no workout day. On Tuesday, I had planned to do a bike workout in the morning and swim at lunch but I hit the intervals a bit too hard and ended up puking after the last one which wrecked by body for the rest of the day and I made the decision to not do the swim before leaving for my flight.

While in Seattle, we stayed at a decent hotel, The Double Tree, by the SeaTac airport. Since I primarily stay at Hilton-branded properties, I try to stay at either a Hilton Garden Inn or a Double Tree to ensure the workout facilities have decent equipment. While in Seattle, I was able to get in 3 runs (5 mi, 3 mi, 7mi), two strength/core workouts, and a bike workout on an exercise bike where I translated the TrainerRoad workout from Power to Heart Rate Thresholds so I knew what targets to hit:

TrainerRoad Workout based on Power:

TrainerRoad Workout translated to Heart Rate on my fancy workout planner on a hotel Post-It:

I was supposed to do a long bike on Saturday but opted to sleep in and get some energy back before playing in a couple of football games and then heading out for St. Patty's Day activities. Admittedly, I was a bit wiped getting up at 4am to run 7 miles before my flight back to Philly on Friday morning.

Inspired by all the people I knew doing either the Rock and Roll Half/Full Marathon in DC and the NYC Half Marathon, I ran my own "personal" half marathon Sunday afternoon. I wanted to get a sense of pacing so I did the first 11 miles at pace slightly faster than easy and then picked it up to a tempo pace the last 2 miles to see how that would feel. The run itself was great overall and I'm comfortable targeting 7:45min/mile for the first 8 miles at the Casesar Rodney Half Marathon next week (first race of 2012!) and then dropping it down for the last 5 miles based upon how I'm feeling. I also practiced nutrition and will probably only need half a flask of EFS Liquid Shot and will take water on the course, probably every mile after the first 6.

Overall, I still hit the 4 runs including the #1 workout (the long run) but missed a swim workout and a bike workout. One week missing shouldn't derail me too much so no worries, just have to focus on the week ahead. Here's a training tip. Life-events will no doubt happen that will interfere with training and cause you to miss workouts. For endurance events (half marathons/marathons/70.3/Ironmans), the two key workouts you should never miss and somehow plan around to make sure they happen are the long bike/long run.

Injury-wise, I still get occasional soreness from the Plantar Fasciitis and it was esp annoying this week since I didn't have The Stick with me while traveling to roll out the calves after the runs. I remedied this for the future by getting the travel version of The Stick which will fit in my carry-on suitcase. Good news is that I did not feel it affect my long run at all yesterday. My left hip flexor is more sore/tighter than usual so I'll have to watch that and back-off on any speed workouts for the run if it becomes bothersome.

Weight-wise, today's check-in was bizarre. Apparently I'm down nearly 3 pounds, from 173.4 to 170.5lbs while my body fat % jumped up from 8.7 to 9.8%. I weighed myself twice this morning to make sure it wasn't a bad reading. I'm not sure the factors but it maybe due to being on a plane so much last week. I also know that the long runs generally burn off a ton of weight that is slowly regained through the week so we'll see what next week's check-in looks like.

Total Time: 8hr 24min
Total Distance: 66.91 miles
Swim: 2300 yds/0hr 51min
Bike: 37.5 miles/1 hr 58min
Run: 28 miles/3 hr 53min
Strength: 1hr 41min

Details on:

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