Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Review - March 5 to March 11, 2012

Looking at my overall schedule for the Spring, I forecasted this week to be a "throw-away" week due to the annual Las Vegas trip. Last year, there was tons of excessive partying/drinking and there wasn't much working out going on. Despite the reality of the situation, I did make more of an effort this year to ensure that training wouldn't be completely de-railed by Vegas and at the very least, be able to maintain.

My plan was to skip my typical Monday rest day and use it as a workout day and "betting" that there would probably be a day or two that I would miss a workout while in Vegas. I also front loaded the week with swim/bike workouts because I knew the chances of getting a swim or bike workout while in Vegas was low while it would be easy to run on a treadmill or outside.

The swim workouts were solid. One day was a "threshold" building day with the 14 x 100yd repeats and the other swim day following it was an endurance swim workout. I totaled 4900 yds which is about what I want to be doing at this point. The bike workouts were great as well. The Monday workout focused around Vo2 max efforts which I haven't done yet at this point in the season so I really felt the burn on the legs. The other workout was a 3 x 12 minute FTP-effort interval. The runs in Vegas went a lot better than expected. Due to lack of luggage space, I chose to bring my new Merrell Bare Access Shoes since they were the shoes I had that packed the most minimally. I haven't run any long distances in these shoes yet and wasn't sure how my feet/legs would react to running in a zero-drop shoe. Thankfully, they responded pretty well and I experienced no discomfort from using them for the longer runs.

We got to Vegas late Wednesday night (midnight) and rather than start drinking/gambling right away, I opted to just take it easy that night. I still didn't get to bed until 2am or so PST time but managed to get about 6 hours of sleep. I knew this would probably be the most alcohol-free sleep I would get the entire trip so I opted to do my long run on the first day there knowing that sleep/energy would gradually decline through the weekend and chances of doing a decent long run on Sunday (my normal long run day) would be slim. I knocked out 10-miles fairly easily and did not feel any pain from running in Bare Access'. Friday's goal was to spend sometime on an exercise bike and then do a brick run right afterwards. The gym had one exercise bike which was broken so I ended up using the recumbent cycle and then hopping on the treadmill afterwards. We went to Haze Nightclub on Friday night and I didn't get to bed until 7:30am so that pretty much scrapped any workouts on Saturday. I did make it a point to get up at 8:30am no matter how crappy I felt to get an hour run in before the plane ride home so I was able to knock out a 7.5 mile run which felt a lot better than expected.

The arches/heel/plantar Fasciitis is a bit more tender today than it has been but I think it is primarily because of not being able to use The Stick/TriggerPoint to massage my leg muscles after the run. Other than that, still relatively injury-free which is great.

In terms of weight/body metrics, I dropped almost a full pound last week, from 174.2 to 173.4 lbs despite being in Vegas for most of it and the body fat % went up slightly to 8.7% from 8.6%. There were a few specific things I did in Vegas to minimize weight gain so I'll probably talk about that later this week.

Total Time: 7hr 44min
Total Distance: 70.34 miles
Swim: 4900 yds/2hr 4min
Bike: 49.31 miles/2 hr 40min
Run: 19.6 miles/2 hr 36min
Strength: 0hr 23min

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