Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Review: April 2 to April 8, 2012

The last week was a few ups and downs. The next 4 months will really be key in getting back into Ironman-ready shape with volume and speed now being phased in. Some major changes being introduced this week are:

  • Recovery Day is no longer a complete "Day-Off" It now involves a very easy 4-mile run to stretch out the legs. I'm also making it a point to do a complete foam roll/stick of all the major muscles, sleep a little more, absolutely eating clean, and wearing compression socks all day on this day. I'm also doing the 4-mile run "fasted" to start getting my body used to burning fat at an aerobic effort...this is critical for getting through endurance races.
  • 5 runs per week. I'm starting the Ironman training plan I created for myself which is basically a marathon training plan I've adapted to add 3 bikes and 2 swim workouts a week. 5 runs a week sounds like a lot but it is spread out pretty well. For example, this past week was: 4 miler, 6 miler, 4 miler, 2 miler, 10 miler. 26 miles total
  • Minimum of 2-hour bike ride on Saturdays no matter what (inside or outside)
  • Brick runs following the Saturday long bike ride
The week started out great with a re-test of my FTP. The FTP tests always drain me (which is the point) but it was encouraging AWESOME to see my FTP rise by 26 watts from 276 to 302 which was a 9% increase. This was definitely a high point for the week. The other small win was actually running again and getting in about 27 miles. Still some lingering pain in the quads and the calves are sore from the 10-miler on Sunday but its good just to be running consistently again. I was also surprised to fit in 5 runs in a week and not stress out about it. I wasn't sure I could fit five in but it worked out well with how I scheduled them.

On the flip side, my swims were just not up to par this week. I had two swims, one for 2000 yds and one for 1250 yds. Neither swim really contributed to overall fitness as they were basically swims just to swim. I had planned workouts but mentally couldn't finish them. I think a large part of it was being psyched out about how slow my swim times are comparative to others and knowing that is holding me back at the races and keeping me from placing within the Age Groups. I think I'm over it and am starting a specific 12 week swim program on Wednesday so hopefully I fix some of the issues and get some more confidence with my swimming abilities. The crappy swim on Wed also let me to skipping the bike on Thurs and just doing a strength workout to get mentally back into the game.

From a body composition perspective, the 10-week streak of losing weight each week finally ended as I weighted in at 170.1 this week, up .7 lbs from last week but the good news is that body fat dipped down to 7.5% so I'll say I put on some lean muscle mass. Interesting enough, I was listening to a podcast on the way to work today about thermogenics and shedding weight and am wondering if there is a correlation between the amount of time I spend swimming and the weight gains/drops. The week prior, I hit 3000 yds twice during the week and my weight dropped by a pound. I spent less time in the pool last week and my weight goes up. Something to think about and explore further....

Injury-wise, the left quad is still troublesome and the calves are still sore from running again after nothing for a week but nothing right now which would be a cause for concern for the NO 70.3 in under two weeks. This week will be a full week of normal training and then next week will be a slight taper before the first big race of the year.

Total Time: 9hr 50min
Total Distance: 80.90 miles
Swim: 3250 yds/1hr 31min
Bike: 52.84 miles/2 hr 58min
Run: 26.21 miles/3 hr 29min
Strength: 1hr 52min

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