Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Review: April 9 to April 15, 2012

Last week was a weird week for training. There were no "life events" that interrupted with training but volume was under what I should be hitting. I think I was mentally shot last week because I didn't build in a recovery week after the FTP test. A large part of long term training plans is to build in these breaks to keep everything fresh and I was negligent and it showed. It is discouraging to look back on a week knowing you left some effort "on the table" but the real test of character is how you react to it -- either continuing to slump or rebounding even stronger. Unfortunately, this is not the week to rebound stronger since it is a race week which means lower volume with workouts primarily being short, high intensity intervals or race speed specific work. I guess the ultimate indicator will be how things go at New Orleans 70.3 this coming Sunday.

Although it was a ho-hum week, there were a few notable events:

  • Adding in 100 jump ropes between my sets when I do my strength workouts. I'm getting some extra cardio/plyometric work as a bonus which is about 700 - 1000 jumps per workout. I may change those to double unders at some point since the 100 feels pretty easy each time.
  • Started the FindingFreestyle.com swimming program to improve my swimming mechanics. I'm hoping this is a one step backwards, two steps forward type deal since the increased drills are lowering my swim times but hopefully will fix my technique which will make me faster
  • Did a gait analysis at Rothman Performance Lab in Cherry Hill. I'll do a more detailed write-up but there are imbalances/weaknesses I need to fix to optimize my long distance running and avoid injury
  • Rode my new Cervelo S5 for the first time! This will be my chariot for riding up The Wall during the Manayunk Bike Race Amateur Open.
  • Experimented with taking Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) before my workout on Saturday. I've been reading that taking baking soda before speed efforts could increase performance by buffering lactic acid. Unfortunately, I didn't calculate the dose right and took WAY too much which caused a lot of GI distress and inability to complete my workouts on Saturday. Proper dosing is .1 grams per KG  of bodyweight 90 min and 30 min before a workout. This works out to 1.5 tsp per dose, 3 tsp total. I took 5.5 tsp 30 minutes before which def F'd me. Lesson learned!

Injury-wise, I've probably been in better shape. The plantar fasciitis is starting to act up which is bizarre since I ran LESS last week. The calves are also sore after some runs but I'm hoping that it doesn't lead to a strain. Annoying things, but nothing that will keep me from racing this coming Sunday or potentially affect how I race.

Body-composition wise, I dropped a pound over the previous week from 170.1 to 169.0 and body fat going up a little bit from 7.5% to 7.7%. I'm ok with these stats since I think the 170 range is about what my healthy race weight is. I also don't know how much more I can lose on the body fat %. My whole goal is to make it through Ironman training and not have my body look like it cannibalized itself. Being ripped with abs for the summer would also be nice :)

Total Time: 8hr 44min
Total Distance: 65.25 miles
Swim: 4200 yds/2hr 08min
Bike: 43.29 miles/2 hr 41min
Run: 19.58 miles/2 hr 40min
Strength: 1hr 52min

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