Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Review: March 26 to April 1, 2012

This past week might have well been Aqua-Velo week since all the key workouts were either swimming or biking. My lower left, outside quad was still bothering me on Monday so I opted to just take the week off from running and let it heal itself, in addition to TP rolling in the morning and in the evening. Despite not being able to run, the swim and bike workouts were solid. One of the changes I've made to my training schedule is shifting the swims to Wednesday and Fridays after work so I have time to do at least 3000 yards. I've actually hit 3200 and 3400 yds on the swims the past week because mentally, I tell myself it is only 200 more yards to hit 3200 which is roughly a 2-mile swim. If I can consistently hit 4-miles swim every week that would be phenomenal but we'll see. From a bike perspective, I had 4 great bike rides. I cut the Saturday ride short by 30 minutes which I feel a little annoyed about since it was the first TrainerRoad workout where I couldn't finish it purely because of difficulty and not running out of time. I rebounded well with a solid 2-hour trainer ride on Sunday which I'm pretty happy about because I get impatient with anything over 90 minutes riding inside. I've also been very consistent with the strength workouts, hitting the weights twice a week and doing core three times a week. My daily morning routine also now includes doing the Myotatic Crunches every day and I am up to doing 12 of them with a 5-lb pound weight. I'm starting to see results from these crunches which is great news for beach season. There was travel in the middle of the week to Boston but I made sure I did my bike workout before leaving for Boston, getting a workout in before the customer meeting on Wednesday, and then stopping at LA Fitness on my drive home to get my swim in. I am commonly asked how I fit in all the workouts with my work schedule. I will say a lot of it is planning ahead for them and being stubborn about getting them done no matter how I feel.

Injury-wise, the tightness/strain on my left quad has gotten better and I'll probably try to run a few times this week to see how it feels. The other major injury from last year, plantar fasciitis, has been kept at bay but there are still mornings when I wake up and the first few steps are a bit painful. The calf strain I had a couple of weeks ago seems to have healed itself.

From a body composition perspective, I am down another pound from last week, now at 169.4 lbs. Body Fat % is also down from 8.3% to 8.1%. I wish I took measurements of my body with measuring tape because I've def seen improvement with things like my pants fitting a bit looser around the waist. Dropping the "garbage" weight was one huge point of focus for me the past few months to shave time off my min/mile running pace (rule of thumb is 2 secs per pound) and also to optimize my Watts/Kilogram power number on the bike. It is amazing to look back at the progression over the past two months. One thing I'll mention is that I dropped all this weight despite being on creatine supplementation, not counting calories/portions, and making sure I take in a large amounts of high glycemic carbs almost daily. I know these three things seem very counter-intuitive with conventional knowledge about weight loss so I'll explain in a later post.

Weight/Body Fat % since beginning of this year

Weekly Workouts

Total Time: 10hr 00min
Total Distance: 95.16 miles
Swim: 6600 yds/2hr 32min
Bike: 91.41 miles/5 hr 03min
Run: 0 miles/0 hr 00min
Strength: 2hr 25min

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