Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awesome New Running Shoe Policy by Running Warehouse

Anyone who has ever asked me about where to buy running shoes or running related apparel/accessories knows that I always point them to runningwarehouse.com. I have no relationship with the company other than being a loyal consumer who has been extremely delighted by their competitive prices and awesome customer service. Some highlights include:

  • Free 2-day shipping on purchases
  • Free, hassle-free return shipping
  • Regular sales
  • Coupon codes for additional savings including "runblog10" for an additional 10% off purchases and "FB15" which knocks an additional 15% off liquidation items

Incredibly, Running Warehouse has stepped up their game even further when they announced today a new "90 Day No Sweat Returns" policy. Simply put, if you buy shoes and they don't work out, you have 90-days  to send them back and you can either buy another pair of shoes or get store credit. Understandably, there are discretionary limits to prevent abuse of the program.

With all the different kinds of shoe options out there, it is easy to buy a pair you *think* will be awesome but after actually putting some miles on it, find out you really don't like it. This 90-day policy helps to limit expenses on shoes that might not work out well for you. Personally, I love experimenting with different shoes/models and have come across shoes that don't simply work well for the way I like to run. Rather than having to spend more money to buy another pair, this program gives me a free pass to try something else. I think this is an incredible, customer-centric policy and really opens doors for people to buy their shoes online without having to worry about fit. Good job Running Warehouse!

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