Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upgrade That Old Garmin GPS Watch with a $50 Rebate

The summer clean-up continues. Last week I posted about how you can upgrade your old Apple Nano to the latest one for free. Although not quite as good of a deal, Garmin is doing a $50 rebate if you purchase a new Garmin GPS watch and send in your old one. The Garmin Forerunner watches available for this promotion are the 210, 310XT, 610, 910XT. The old Garmins you can send back for the $50 rebate are: 110, 201, 205, 210, 301, 305, 310XT, 405, 405CX, 410, 610, 910XT (though I can't see anyone sending back their 610 or 910XT since they are fairly newer devices).

If you have an old Garmin you can send in, I'd say the best value watch to upgrade to is the 310XT. This watch is Garmin's "multi-sport" model (geared at triathletes) and the first watch Garmin advertised as fully water-proof, meaning you can swim with it and not worry about the watch borking. I had this watch for two years until I recently upgraded to the 910XT. Truthfully, the 910XT is not that much of an upgrade over the 310XT outside of cosmetic changes and adding swimming metrics (which I don't really use). The 310XT is also fully Ant+ wireless so it is compatible with all the Ant+ accessories (footpod, heart rate strap, bike sensor, etc) and can wirelessly upload your training data to your computer. For the price (esp. with this promotion), the 310XT is definitely my recommendation on the way to go. After discounts and rebate, the 310XT can be had for $162.46 brand new! Here's how:

1) Buy the watch through Tri-Village which gives you a 15% discount on purchases over $200. Link to Garmin 310XT. After applying the coupon code, the price should drop down to $212.46 with the discount.

2) Wait for watch to arrive

3) When watch arrives, fill out the rebate form below:
Download Rebate Form Here

4) $50 check arrives!

Garmin did this promo last year and I traded in an old 305 to upgrade my wife's watch to a brand new Forerunner 610. The rebate process was painless and the check arrived if anyone is skechy about doing mail in rebates (just be sure to make photocopies of everything before you mail).

For those looking for more info on the 310XT, here's a pretty detailed review if you have any questions.


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